My goal is to make the process of buying, selling, or owning a home an efficient, enjoyable and a rewarding experience for you......  

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From Pete and Tracy:

My wife and I went through seven Real Estate agents when selling and buying our home. Seven!! We wanted good service. We were picky. We were immediately impressed when, calling on a whim on a Holiday weekend, Stella answered the phone in a friendly, exuberant manner. This manner, I soon learned, is her hallmark.

If you are looking for a Realtor with passion for her job, Stella is the right person. If you are looking for a Realtor who doesn't just talk service, but delivers it consistently, Stella should be your Realtor. If you are looking for a Realtor who is honest and forthright, and who understands that "professional" entails substance, education and manner, you've got to choose Stella.

We were in a quandary. I had been transferred from my small town of 300 people. Our household goods were in storage. The local housing market was hot. We had to find a place fast. But it couldn't be just any place. It had to be our home. Stella learned what we were looking for in a home and researched the market, we visited many homes. In each one she pointed out the characteristics of the property and neighborhood. She educated us on how to find a quality home. But she never pushed. Stella was patient, and allowed us to progress at our own pace. Her sense of humor and enthusiasm for life made a potentially stressful time more enjoyable and rewarding.

Stella knows the market. She has resources that she uses judiciously. She recognizes quality and care (or the absence of it) in the property she shows. Best of all, Stella listens. She wants to understand how to best meet your needs, and deliver the appropriate service. This might sound basic. However, our seven previous Realtors did not understand this basic principle of service (although they talked about it a great deal)

We found a great home with neighbors who are now our friends. I write this letter with the hope of saving you time and frustration. If you want the best home, get the best Realtor. Choose Stella Mahaney and everything will be all right.



From Doug:

It is a true pleasure writing this letter of recommendation on behalf of Stella Mahaney for all her help in selling my home.

Prior to obtaining Stella's services, I had spoken to another Realtor about the prospects of selling my home. The other agent told me I could expect to sell in a few weeks and that I should set the selling price at of around 348,000 and be willing to settle for around 345,000. This agent had a listing in the neighborhood I was in and sold that house pretty quickly, so I thought she knows what she is doing. However, I had bought my home from an agent at Stella's office 4 years prior and was quite satisfied, so I decided to call that office again. They put me through to Stella who was eager to meet me and my fiancé at my home and discuss the market and what she thought I could get for my home.

Stella immediately told me the market is hot. She was convinced that the other homes in my neighborhood that had just sold were underpriced. She wanted to price my home at 355,900. My first thought was it was too high. I was relocating and wanted to sell my home quickly. Also a similar home in my neighborhood that was an end unit only sold for 348,000 (my home was not an end unit). I was worried my house would be on the market forever and not sell. Quite the contrary. Within 1 day I had several offers on my home for full price!! Had I gone with the other agent I would have been out $7,900!!

Stella's insights to the market conditions truly impressed me and my fiancé. Stella is extremely professional and knows the business well. From listing my home, preparing it to show well to settlement Stella was there every step of the way. Always just a phone call or text away, Stella was there to answer my numerous questions.

Anyone looking to buy or sell a home would truly benefit from Stella's professionalism and knowledge of the market.



From Susan:

Stella Mahaney was the agent involved in the sale of my townhouse in Centreville and the purchase of my condo in South Riding. I wanted to express my extreme appreciation and commendation to Stella for the incredible job she did. The sale of my townhouse became complicated when I had to deal with a Title problem. Stella was there with ideas and suggestions on how to solve it and was directly involved with the solution and I was able to settle on time, thanks to her and also saving me potentially several thousands of dollars in legal fees and court proceedings. Throughout the entire sales and purchase process of my old and new home, she was persistent, extremely competent, and thorough and followed up on every lead and took care of every situation that arose. She was always present and available throughout every step of the process, starting with the staging and marketing of the property, to the home inspection, to the walkthrough, settlement and everything that came up in between. The most valuable asset that Stella displayed was her competence, reliability, very friendly personality, her rapid return of phone calls and her availability. I plan on recommending Stella to everyone I know who is in the market to buy or sell a house.



From Erin and Emir:

Stella thanks again for making our home buying experience such a pleasurable one. As first time home buyers, you offered us a lot of helpful advice and had the time and patience to answer all our questions (and there where many!) and explain the entire process to us. Thanks a million.



From Mark and Debra:

As a customer whose townhouse sold in four days with our desired asking price, we are happy to have the opportunity to recommend Stella Mahaney, who was our agent. We recommend her in a heartbeat to anyone looking to sell their existing home and buy a new home.

When we first started looking to buy a single-family home, Stella thoroughly investigated what we were looking for in a home. She showed us existing homes which were available in our price range, but we never found just what we were looking for. However, we never felt pressured by Stella. We eventually decided to look into new homes rather than existing homes, and found one in a fairly short time.

Stella was extremely thorough throughout the whole process. Stella listed our existing townhome and made sure our home was presented in the most attractive manner. She also worked with us to ensure that every step necessary to close the deal was taken, such as the approval for the deck and storm door by our homeowners association. Stella always returned our phone calls shortly after we called and answered our many questions. In short, we felt very comfortable that she was coordinating the whole process and heartily recommend her!



From Sunday and Sarah:

We write to thank you. You are such a nice person, we are so proud to have interacted with you. We are really enjoying our home which always reminds us about you as the one who helped us as first time home buyers. We shall always seek your expert opinion whenever we have a need to change our home or when friends or relatives want to buy a home. Thank you so very much.



From Vincent and Dede:

I am writing this letter to say thank you for the services and support from Stella Mahaney on assisting my family and me in selling our previous home and finding us a new one. Selling and finding a home is not an easy task. In fact, it is difficult, tedious, and at times very frustrating. But, never the less, it takes people and time to make a family happy and must give a Realtor a sense of pride and respect that they did their very best to make a family's dream come true-"To find a house of their Dreams". Despite the ups and downs that occurred in selling and finding my family a home, Stella pulled through!! My family and I are quite happy, and I would like to give a shout out to my girl Stella for her time and of course, patience. Nothing in life that is worth the sacrifice to achieve- is easy. Evan running a business takes time and understanding. But, every day we interact with people and the effects we leave behind are reminders of who we are. Thank you Stella for making my family happy and doing what is truly needed - "Keeping a smile on their faces"



From Ossama and Mary:

Dear Stella you did a wonderful job with us, you had so much patience while showing us homes and very active in giving us all the information we needed to make a good decision. You showed us the advantage and disadvantage for each house and gave us ideas on how to make it better. You were always on time, you are the best agent I have ever met. God bless you.



From John:

Dear Stella. It was a distinct pleasure working with you in selling my townhouse. With a depressed market and myself on a strict timetable in needing to sell my home, I was worried about what would be the end result. I cannot describe how elated I was to find out that we had a contract on the house after being on the market for seven days! And knowing all of this, I still managed to make money, much to the chagrin of my neighbors who chose to go with other Realtors.

Stella, you exceeded all of my expectations with this home sale. Clearly you set the standards for Realty in this area, and you personify this through dedication and skill. Your advice in preparing my home for sale was accurate and concise, and your diligence in getting my home sold was truly noteworthy. I would recommend you to anyone serious about selling a home in this area.

Thank you for helping me sell my home quickly and at the right price.